CMI's Success Story

CMI has helped chiropractors and other health care practitioners to increase their return on marketing since 2000. Here are a few comments from our clients:

"CMI and Judy Munroe provided us with a fresh approach to marketing with original insights, ideas, and tools. I started working with CMI in 2003 and the results have been phenomenal. I highly recommend them!"

Dr. John Turner--Roswell GA

"Thank you so much!" We had been so frustrated for years trying to do everything ourselves. We now have our systems in place from handling the finances of our business to implementing our marketing plan each and every month. The increase in our collections has averaged 20% every month and we can't tell you how much that means to us. Again, thank you for being there when we needed you the most."

Tim Green - Marietta, GA

Dave Lakhani, President of "Bold Approach" Speaks About Judy Munroe
Dave is the author of the best selling book
"How To Sell When No One is Buying"

"Judy Munroe gave me the confidence to hit the ground running with an excellent plan to start my practice!"
-Dr.Jason Fullmer, Atlanta GA

CMI's unique Marketing From The Inside Out formula has been featured in several key publications
Happiness-Centered Practice, Today's Chiropractic (2007)

The Death of Chiropractic Practice, ebook (2007)

Making Marketing a Forethought, ChiroEconomics (2006)

Marketing from the Inside. Today's Chiropractic (2004)

Software & Technology, American Chiropractor (2003)