How We Implement Consistent Systems

Your prescription for success

Well-run chiropractic practices employ hundreds of marketing techniques every day. CMI will work with you to determine your priorities and then we'll prescribe an action plan with the best possible strategies and marketing techniques to implement.

Step 1: Evaluate. We meet with you and your office to develop an evaluation of your current marketing and customer service efforts.

Step 2: Develop a marketing plan and calendar. We collaborate with you to set the correct processes for the target market in question by developing critical due dates for marketing projects that will insure a consistent marketing effort in line with your goals.

Step 3: Identify and promote your “WOW” factor. All chiropractors create a unique experience for their patients. Has your office created a “special story to talk about” that your patients can’t wait to communicate to their friends? We'll assist you in creating a system to make your patients say “WOW” and then help you to communicate that to your existing and future clientele. That's marketing from the inside out.

Step 4: Direct marketing. After we've implemented our Marketing From The Inside Out formula, it's time to work on some direct marketing efforts. We create ads, welcome books, a series of patient letters (from referrals to reactivations), newsletters, patient appreciation days and public relations campaigns to keep that marketing engine running consistently. For more about these services, visit Direct Marketing Services [link]

Step 5. Measurement. You won't really know if you have achieved your goals if you don't measure the results of every marketing effort. As part of our services, CMI will maintain your patient database so that we can periodically assess our combined performance. If we discover that one method out-performs another, we can retool the marketing plan and shift gears immediately.

Get Your Entire Team Aboard The Marketing Machine

Marketing mindfulness cannot stop at the top. It's your employees who are making the decisions, communicating, and interacting in ways that impact the practice-customer relationship. They are the ones who really put your plans into action. They are the "closers" who make all of your marketing time, money, and effort pay off or become obliterated. If you want to be a marketing-minded company, or better yet, a marketing machine, CMI will train your entire team about smart marketing and how to implement your new systems. We can do this onsite and via phone consultations.