Meet Judy Munroe

President and Chief Marketing Strategist

I learned recently that more than 80% of all new businesses fail. That same news source reported the overwhelming reason so many fail will be the lack of business. How can that be? With all of the consultants, ad agencies and marketing firms, you’d think business owners would get great direction. Not true. And that’s where my story begins.

It started for me many years ago in a chiropractic office located in Roswell, GA, a suburb of Atlanta. I was a wild-eyed office manager who thought that business was a snap. You put a sign outside your business, put an ad in the yellow pages, provide good service, and business rolls in. Right? Wrong. I learned rather quickly that we had to differentiate ourselves from other chiropractors or we would not survive. I also learned we had to be very careful about who we hired and their training. Implementing systems was one of the first things I learned to do that would generate consistent results. Those systems really worked! That success fueled my desire to learn more about what it takes to build a successful practice, and maintain that momentum. Some of the highlights on my quest have included:

  • I learned about Australian business guru Paddi Lund in 1996 at a marketing seminar. I was fascinated by his concept of building an “invitational only” practice.

  • It was at a communications seminar that I discovered a new marketing technology which helps a practice move outside of the crowd and deliver consistent, non-intrusive marketing messages. I learned how to create a system that was built solely on referrals. And so I started using these concepts in all of my marketing efforts. And they worked like a charm! The practice started growing by leaps and bounds.

  • In addition to Paddi Lund, I've studied experts including Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, and Nido Qubein, all heavyweight marketing and business gurus.

Armed with new technology and innovative ideas, I developed the Marketing From The Inside Out system. It works for companies without a strong existing base (acquisition marketing) and for those with a strong existing base (referral based marketing).

I've dedicated myself to years of studying and working with the most successful chiropractic practice management companies in the country. I found that a recurring missing theme is value. How do you differentiate yourself from the others? Why should customers do business with you versus anyone else? What makes your business so unique that people just can’t stop talking about it?

It takes courage to be different and exceed expectations. But that's the key to success in any small business. I call it "Creating the WOW factor." Do you have a unique story to share? If not, contact our company and we'll help you to create one and implement service systems that generate more referrals than you could ever imagine.

Warmest Regards,

Judy Munroe