The CMI Process

Full-circle marketing strategy: Marketing is a complex series of tasks that includes planning, positioning, implementation, and tracking. CMI takes it one step further we also work with your staff to insure that the new systems are applied every day. Success requires buy-in and participation from everyone on your staff and CMI is prepared to educate and train your staff to make sure your practice flourishes.

Marketing From The Inside Out: CMI is different because we help you to develop internal marketing strategies that are implemented for you. Did you know that practices miss hundreds of marketing opportunities every single day? That's because your most profitable source of potential new clients comes from referrals from your best patients. CMI will develop systems that allow you to exploit that ready resource to its full advantage.

We shake it up: Even if your practice is relatively successful, employees can get lulled into routines and that stream of new patients coming through your door can eventually dry up. Effective routines might work for a while but can later become the downfall of your success. CMI will help your team to Shake it Up!. Your staff's morale will improve and your customer database will increase all due to the improved communications with staff and your clients.

We help you to become consistent: There is nothing more important to the process of effective marketing than consistency. Once CMI systems are in place, it takes consistent follow-up to see the results. Health care practices come and go because they develop excellent marketing plans but later fail to keep the plans going after a few months. CMI will make sure that your game plan keeps moving forward so that you can focus on delivering the best care possible to your patients.